Some simple property maintenance tips for Donegal property owners


  1. Conaghan Property Maintenance Liam ConaghanCheck all gutters are clear to avoid blockages and over runs
  2. Check all windows and doors are tightened to avoid draughts
  3. Test your heating now, before you become dependent on it and find that the boiler is not working
  4. Light the fire and ensure that the chimmney is working
  5. Prune any overhanging branches before we get our winter storms
  6. Test any ground drains by adding water and seeing if they are flowing freely
  7. Check outside lights and sensor lights are working
  8. Test the alarm system and any sensors

Anything you can do outside now, to avoid having to do it in the dark and rain would be good. It might also avoid having to call an emergency specialist plumber, tree surgeon or electrician in Donegal.


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